Playa Mujeres, Mexico | Personal Travels

It really depends, some trips I can’t put my camera down and other times I need to rejuvenate and put my camera down. This trip was a nice little mixture. Jared and I are grateful to have neighbors, co-workers, and family that we count as some of our dearest friends. At the end of January we got to go to an all-inclusive in Playa Mujeres, Mexico with six of them. Between the eight of us, it took the coordinating of a hundred little details so we could all go and leave the fur and non-fur children at home, but we knew they were all in the most capable and loving hands back in Michigan.

We did a lot of awesome bunch of nothing. This is always a challenge after hurrying from place to place back home to just get to actually for real relax and realize you have nothing else to do but sit, eat and order drinks…rough. One of my favorite memories – the majority of the images in this blogpost – was when we took a catamaran day trip to Isla Mujeres. We sang, we danced, we laughed to and from the island. It is moments like that when I am forever grateful for the opportunity and means to go on trips like this one with friends.

It was another little world on the island and time stood still except for that one wrong decision to have a shot of homemade almond tequila from some friendly strangers, but I blame that headache on my age and dehydration not the almond tequila, naturally. It was almond, c’mon protein anyone!? Enjoy this little personal travel post and we are already scheming how we can make this happen again!

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