Had the camera out to 2nd shoot for a wedding on Saturday, and as important as the job is personal work inspires me just as much. Hailey is the daughter of my friends Andrea & Steve, we go way way back and those are some of the best kind of friends. It’s fun to watch my friend’s lives change as we grow up together and add a baby or two here and there.

I wish she could realize how special being 2 is, but she’s 2 and her biggest concern at her birthday party was “cookie and large present”, naturally. At the ripe old age of 26 now I realize how fast life has went so far, and I’m full expecting the next 26 to go just as fast (yikes 52). I want to put the breaks on for her because ya just grow up so darn fast. Hailey Noelle I know you enjoyed your day, and I hope someday you get to see these photos and realize how many people care about and love you.

These couple photos really have nothing to do with the birthday party other than this gives a shout-out to the adorable finds Andrea added to Hailey’s room. Just couldn’t help myself…goo goo gah gah over vintage finds.

Keep on growing girly girl but please not too fast now.

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